This section may seem a little pretentious, but I assure you that it's just a reference page laced with some tribute for good measure.


Thanks to Daniel Krech for RDFLib, which is at the heart of Oort and without which this would not be! And to the rest of the RDFLib contributers of course.

To Philip J Eby for WSGI, and to Ian Bicking for Paste (which was crucial for getting OortPub together in no-time). With WSGI (and Paste Web development in Python has finally become Pythonic, which must be a Good Thing!

Thanks also to Ryan Tomayko for creating Kid, which finally brought sensible, structured templating to the industry. Then to Edgewall Software for taking that technology further (in a direction I really wished for) with Genshi.

In general

Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and W3C for the Web and Standards. Thanks to Guido van Rossum for creating Python; to Bram Moolenaar for Vim; to the Mozilla and WebKit teams for excellent web browser technologies.

A thank you to all the people working in the computer industry; from the hard workers who extract raw materials from the Earth itself via the industrious builders of machines to the architects and implementors of all the software layers required to make them run.

Finally, to the rest of the world upon which these layers of technology are but a mere filament mesh of extravagance..